Caribbean Yacht Charters

Whether this is your first time to charter a yacht or you’re a seasoned sailor, the Caribbean is a perfect choice. With over 7000 tropical islands to explore or gaze at from your charter yacht, the Caribbean offers a world-class dream destination.When you charter a yacht in the Caribbean you are likely to experience near perfect sailing conditions that prevail all year round. Your Caribbean charter experience will almost certainly be accompanied by a warm steady Easterly trade wind and calm, gentle waters with line-of-sight navigation. The climate of the area is tropical and includes rainforests on most of the larger islands. The Caribbean is a popular charter yacht destination and buoys and anchorages are dotted all along the coastline and island inlets creating ease of access for exploration and dips in the clear, shimmering turquoise waters.

The Caribbean offers it’s charter yacht explorers unrivaled beaches, exquisite scuba diving and snorkeling and a wonderful variety of tropical island destinations. Some Caribbean islands are independent whilst others are the overseas territory of another nation (namely the British Virgin Islands). Each Caribbean destination has unique characteristics from its urban architecture to its landscape ranging from modern and trendy, to the relaxed and isolated. Some islands are mountainous remnants of ancient volcanoes, peppered with lush rainforests, others are flat and rimmed with superb white-sand beaches and coral reefs that are alive with a kaleidoscope variety of brilliant sea life.


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Why choose to charter a yacht in the Caribbean?

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Island Areas in the Caribbean

There are five main island areas in the Caribbean, namely the Bahamas and Turks, the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands, the Greater Antilles and the Leeward Antilles. From dense, tropical forests to cloud peaked mountain summits, there is a diverse range of island landscapes to admire from your charter yacht and the many anchorage opportunities allow for exploration of their beautiful shores. The Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands are often the most popular charter yacht destinations and include St Martin, St Barts, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Barbados, and the British Virgin Islands. In this island paradise Charter Yacht guests can enjoy stunning weather, incredible views, secluded anchorages, gourmet cuisine and cocktails on exquisite beaches in ultimate glamour and style.

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