East Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean will bestow an adventure of dazzling color, culture, and charm to your dream vacation. The clear, calm and relatively warm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean make for perfect chartering conditions.

Whether your interests are to charter a yacht for the sole purpose of island hopping between the Saronic, Ionian or Cyclades islands of Greece or to explore the distinct and diverse coastal regions of Croatia, with its ancient ruins, spectacular churches, stone-walled ‘old’ towns and villages, chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean’s easterly waters is without a doubt a spectacularly rewarding experience.

The ideal time to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean is June – October. For the most part, the climate is characterized by dry summers and mild, wet winters. This is as a result of the subtropical ridge which extends northwards during the summer and migrates south during the winter due to greater temperature differences.

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Why choose to charter a yacht in the East Mediterranean?

East Mediterranean Yacht charter
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