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Congratulations on your decision to embark on a charter yacht vacation! The most exciting holiday awaits you and your family. Let us help you find your sea legs. The Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations are here to help you with the finer details: Which coastline? What type of vessel? How many crew will you need? Apart from the obvious criteria: freedom, comfort, and flexibility – tell us what else you are expecting from your charter yacht vacation.


Types of Charter Yachts


A catamaran is a multi-hulled vessel designed with at least 2 parallel hulls of equal size, which offers exceptional stability. The wide beam affords an element of roominess and space that most monohulls cannot. The word Catamaram is derived from the word “kattumaram”, meaning “logs tied together”.


A monohull is a single-hulled vessel, unlike multi-hulled vessels which have at least two or more individual hulls connected together. This makes most monohulls less roomy and spacious; however, for the true sailing enthusiast, there is nothing that compares to the sleekness and feeling of heeling in the wind.

Power / Motor Yachts

Power or motor yachts are fast! These boats are perfect for island hopping and multi-stop day trips .Power catamarans offer spacious interiors, but less roominess on deck. and although not as quick as a power boat, are still faster than a traditional sailing catamaran, which has the option to sail in windless conditions.


A superyacht or mega yacht is a large, luxurious, professionally crewed motor or sailing yacht that ranges typically from 120ft in length on this database. Superyachts are available for charter to tender to guests at a high standard of comfort and generally supply meal and alcohol selection of the finest quality.

Let us provide you with all your luxury charter yacht options, so you can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime!


The Right Company To Book a Yacht Charter?

We understand you have a bespoke charter yacht vacation in mind but with so many variants available, how do you choose? We are a dynamic charter yacht brokerage who understands your adventurous heart. With access to nearly 2,000 vessels across more than 30 glorious locations around the world, we are in an unwavering position to support your needs. Our charter yacht fleet offers a choice of sailboats, catamarans, power vessels and a stunning selection of superyachts to share with you.

Choose Charter Yacht Vacations For...

peace of mind

Vacation time is important to us. We therefore understand that it is equally as important to you. We have the experience, knowledge, network, and know-how to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but hopefully exceeded. That’s peace of mind.


As a Company, we have not only successfully managed online businesses, but have expertly managed charters working as Captains (and still do). Our affiliate partners are hand selected and are ex crew, Captains and Chefs, so when we say we understand your needs, we really do. That is experience.

we listen...

Available now on participating boats. The Electronic post charter survey. No more email or paper-based surveys, especially those annoying requests received long after the holiday is a distant memory. Participating boats will receive a unique QR code to be placed in guests cabins, guests simply scan an iOS or Android device and complete the survey on the last day of the charter in the privacy of your cabin. Communication is direct to owners. Have your voice heard. We listened.

we're steering ahead...

We are pioneering the introduction of the internationally recognized hospitality Star Grading and Accreditation System, developed to suit the charter yacht industry (80ft and under). Once released, this will give guests a greater level of comfort, as for first time guests can be assured of the minimum criteria to expect as each star awarded has a minimum set of requirements for each vessel to secure. Proprietary software currently under development. 

Interested in any of the above new and exciting industry-leading services? Please communicate this via or read more at

We are eager to work with brokers in any capacity that benefits the guest, owners and clearing houses. If you are interested in an affiliation, possibly marketing the Electronic post charter survey or any other joint effort, let’s talk.

How do Charter Yacht Vacations Operate?

Our extensive portfolio delivers services from multiple locations that includes the British Virgin Islands, Spain and South Africa. Our partnerships with selected brokers extends reach and resources with location-based expertise in the Mediterranean / Adriatics (Greece, Turkey and Croatia) and Europe (France, Spain and Italy). Allow us to create a tailored itinerary for you that ensures your budget encompasses the correct selection of vessel, crew, location and an exciting choice of water and land-based activities.

We are eager to work with brokers in any capacity that benefits the guest, owners and clearing houses. If you are interested in an affiliation, possibly marketing the Electronic post charter survey or any other joint effort, let’s talk.

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