Charter Yacht Vacations is owner run and managed, while our hand selected partners are mostly ex crew and operate in various time-zones, giving us the leverage and skills only available to larger organisations.


Alfred Schaeffer

Alfred was previously a shareholder in an online booking and reservation company that marketed star graded hotels, self-catering apartments, and guest houses nationally in South Africa. Additionally, he has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and providing data analysis to large Enterprise organizations and offers the same skills to analyze and interpret data in a way that is meaningful to boat owners and crew. Alfred was exposed to the crewed charter yacht industry through his brother and saw an opportunity to invest in the Industry to not only build a sustainable business, but to add add value to boat owners and crew. Alfred then got his RYA Captains license and worked as a charter yacht Captain, with the sole intention to learn about the operational side of the term-charter industry. He has lived in the Caribbean for the last few years which afforded him the opportunity to attend the 2019 BVI boat show and to engage with owners, owner managers, crew and clearing houses. Alfred has completed the CYBA broker’s course and subscribes to ethics, professionalism and open communication.

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Charter Yacht Star Rating system & Electronic post charter survey

This combined Corporate and charter experience, has progressed into a thorough understanding of guest’s expectations. Over the last few years he has spent countless hours gathering guest’s input into what is evolving into a groundbreaking Star Grading System for the Charter Yacht industry. Star grading systems have been benefiting the hospitality sector for many years. Why should the charter industry be any different?

“It started as an idea and after chatting to many guests and he found they are looking for 3 things,” said Mr. Schaeffer… “The first being during the booking process, we discussed the idea of the selection criteria of the actual boats having a star grading, much like that of the hotel industry.” For the first time guests can be assured of the minimum criteria to expect, as each star awarded has a minimum set of requirements for each vessel to secure.

“And from there the idea grew into the second consideration of a further breakdown; designed to differentiate between each vessel of the same star grading. It was established that such a service would simplify the booking process and satisfy guest expectations from the outset.

For years owners have solely relied on brokers to vet boats, which has worked until now, but with hundreds of brokers vetting against their own set of standards, there is no standard. A technology solution, ensures that vessels are measured against the same set of standards, largely removing ambiguity and bias, which until now has been impossible to achieve.The Charter Yacht Vacations parent company, The Global Charter Yacht Grading Council and its affiliated technology/consulting partners in the UK, Indonesia and Croatia and are providing services to achieve these industry-leading improvements.

A new partnership with a technology partner in Denmark resulted in the third service, which was to design an online Electronic post charter survey to encourage guest feedback in a technology-driven way. Guests have said that this model will not only improve response rates, but also the accuracy thereof.

There is nothing more annoying to guests than receiving a standard post charter assessment when they are already back at work.  Now guests can simply scan their iOS or Android device and complete the survey in under 2 minutes in the privacy of their cabin. Feedback is a direct link to owners.

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