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Why use a boutique charter yacht broker when chartering a yacht?

You’re planning your trip of a lifetime, your dream vacation. You’re taking to the seas, you’re exploring tropical paradise, basking in glorious sunshine and indulging in the desires of your adventurous heart. You’re smart, you’re savvy and you want the absolute best delivery on this enchanting experience you could possibly wish for. That’s the number one reason why you use a boutique charter yacht broker. That, right there.

Now, being smart and savvy probably means you do not have a great deal of time on your hands, and quite possibly you are working very hard to make this charter yacht vacation become a reality, therefore it is prudent to inform you of another fabulous reason to tap into this plethora of know-how, experience and industry intelligence available to you – and it’s FREE! You, the customer, do not pay any extra for the services your charter yacht broker will provide. The owner of the vessel you choose to charter will pay the broker fee. Not you. So… with all of that out of the way, read on to find out exactly what our free service offering to our adventurous client base is all about.

At Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations, we have partnered up with hand-selected, qualified industry experts who have invaluable location-specific information across all of the charter and cruising hotspots. Most of our team has served at length in the industry, either as Captains or Chefs in the very locations we promote. This insider knowledge and experience is invaluable when it comes to advising our customers – from vessel choice to itinerary plans to packing tips and even matching the ideal crew! The Head of Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations, Al Schaeffer, has subscribed to industry leader, CYBA (Charter Yacht Broker Association) by completing the online CYBA brokers course. Brokers who have completed this course subscribe to CYBA’s strict code of ethics. Our hand-selected regional brokers attend a variety of boat shows across the Caribbean and Europe in order to maintain their knowledge of the market, keep crew profiles up to date and conduct personal inspections of the vessels. 

When you choose to charter your yacht through a boutique yacht charter broker, you are not only tapping into a wealth of knowledge, first-hand experience, and the best possible service delivery, but you will also be guided through the very latest legal requirements, contractual arrangements, insurances and all the fine and very fine print that goes with these contracts.

So, let’s get into it. You may have spent weeks thinking about exactly what it is you expect from your charter yacht vacation, or you might be at the very early planning stages. Either way, there is probably a lot you have not considered, or even thought about. When you contact us, at Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations, we will assess your requirements and then process the finer details. For example, you may have your eye on a specific catamaran in our fleet, which is fantastic but is the bed configuration suitable, do you require bunk beds or will a double suffice? The configuration of each vessel is different, some can be adapted and some can’t. What about dietary requirements, do you require a kosher or halaal menu, or vegan options? Will your chosen itinerary support these needs. Are you more into diving or do you want to get certified? Your charter yacht broker will be able to inform you, and more importantly – these will be the things that your charter yacht broker will ask you both in the interim stages and also when completing the guest preference sheet post-booking. The point is, there may be things that you are not even aware of that will be important on your vacation. Imagine being a couple of days into your sail and suddenly you realize what you COULD have had…

Once you have contacted us and we have had an extensive conversation to establish all your needs, desires and requirements; vessel options and itinerary plans will be discussed and when ready, personal preference sheets will be duly completed. We will walk you through each one in detail to ensure you have a full understanding of exactly what is on offer, from the onboard facilities to the individual crew member duties, to the proposed itinerary and available toys and gadgets. Onboard menu choices and alcohol options will also be fully covered and once all the detail has been agreed upon, the contractual arrangements will be put in place.

Now things are getting real, and the next thing to do is plan the journey that will soon be taking place. Your Captain will tailor a personalized itinerary based on your personal preferences. Whether you are planning to maximize your sail time or take advantage of the wonderful coastline destination you’ll be exploring, your itinerary will be tailor-made to your expectations. Our regional team members will be able to load you up with possibilities based on their own first-hand knowledge and experience, but your own preferences will always be central to all their suggestions.  Have a look at some of our sample itineraries to get an idea of what is possible… BVI Itinerary, Italy Itinerary, Greece Itinerary

Once we’ve established your requirements, and booked your vessel, we will prepare a Charter Agreement which will include details of each component of your chosen charter, from the sail dates, the vessel specifications, intended itinerary, and associated costs. Insurance documents will also be prepared and each aspect of the insurance will be explained and rationalized. Remember your charter is all-inclusive, so you need only sit back and relax.

Post charter feedback is as equally important to Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations as to our guests. As an added value we have subscribed to an electronic post charter assessment. It is based on simple QR code technology. Guests simply scan the QR code in the cabin and complete the confidential survey in the privacy of their cabin. This gives guests a direct link with owners and gives Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations insight into guest’s charter experience. Feedback and maintaining a standard of excellence is what we are about.

Being a boutique charter yacht brokerage, we are large enough to provide a level of top quality service and support, yet small enough to truly care about each and every one of our customer’s experience. Your dream charter yacht vacation begins right here. Let’s do this!

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