While we offer a significant database of vessels located from as far away as Alaska, the Arctic and Mexico, our speciality is the Caribbean, Eastern and Western Mediterranean as well as the Adriatics. Our key partners and staff have Captained charter boats throughout the BVI, Antigua, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Spain and the Balearics and Croatia. 

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There are many reasons why you should consider exploring the Caribbean; however, here are just a few. The Caribbean is for most of the North American market easily accessible, since there are numerous direct flights. Known for its colorful festivals, there are many dance parades, fun-filled activities and exhilarating beach parties, like those in Cane Garden Bay, BVI. There are numerous other festivals at some of the top islands like Aruba Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago or the Cayman Islands. For those seeking our beach holiday fun, some of the best white sandy beaches can be found. What makes the place vibrant is the multicultural vide. The food is as diverse as the environment, with hiking opportunities in thick rainforests like those in Puerto Rico or even Guadeloupe. If that isn’t enough, island hopping and exploration is easy and with the great weather, which is fairly predictable, it makes packing clothes a breeze. Read more about the Caribbean


The Mediterranean was the birthplace of luxury yacht charter and has evolved into one of the most appealing cruising destinations in the world. When you charter a yacht in the Mediterranean your expectations of opulence, splendor, and fascination are likely to be surpassed into a world of magnificence second to none. From the Spanish coast to the French Riviera and western Italy, this captivating part of the world guarantees an unforgettable yacht charter experience and offers a unique combination of culture, climate, and breathtaking coastlines. Read more about the Mediterranean.

East Mediterranean

Consider Turkey for a moment; largely considered as the non-airbrushed side of the Mediterranean. Still, impeccably beautiful where here you can still find a handful of locally-styled beach resorts combined with ancient crumbling architecture that is surrounded by working farms and countryside. Fewer tourists mean that some towns have managed to hold on to the slower paced traditions. There is an eclectic mix of culture and food styles that will inspire your senses. For those wishing to explore early Christian sites, this is the location for you. Numerous surprises awaits those who seek out historical riches, where remnants of kings and conquerors are out on display from Karateps’s late Hittite clan to the castles of the Roman Anemurium. Read more about the East Mediterranean
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