Catamaran Charters

A catamaran yacht is a popular charter choice and there’s good reason for that. When you charter a catamaran you are opting for a stable, comfortable sail. With its multi-hull design, a catamaran can take to shallower waters better than other types of vessels making exploration of coastlines and hop-on-hop-off scenarios easier and more fun. There is a lot more space on a catamaran, typically offering spacious cabins and headroom, along with plenty of living space to share out amongst guests. A well appointed spacious deck offers plenty of luxurious lounging space, and dual trampolines make for great viewing platforms with uninterrupted 360-degree views. There are two types of catamaran to choose from depending on whether you are looking for the joy of sailing or the speed of engine power for your chosen charter destination.

Charter Yacht Vacations have access to a wide range of charter catamarans across worldwide exotic destinations. Whether you are looking for your own adventure or would prefer to be sailed by a fabulous crew, a Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations Catamaran is out there waiting to set sail.

Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations will propose a perfect choice of charter catamaran yacht suited to your requirements, and with so many options available, all your guests will be suitably thrilled.

Let us provide you with all your luxury charter yacht options, so you can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime!


Why Charter a Catamaran?

Catamaran for hire

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