Monohull Charters

When chartering a yacht, a monohull sailing yacht is generally the first choice for the true sailing enthusiast. That feeling of heeling as the single hull glides through the water to the strength of the wind in her sails cannot be beaten. Other advantages of chartering a monohull are a smooth glide through the waters, easier upwind sailing and less dockage space required for those more popular destination choices.

There is an enormous variety in monohull specifications and Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations has them all covered. Charter Yacht Vacations have access to a wide range of charter monohull sailing yachts across several worldwide exotic destinations. So whether you are after luxurious finishes combined with state-of-the-art entertainment features; a classic, contemporary sailing vessel or a fully crewed charter to guide you through the open waters, we have something to suit your unforgettable sailing adventure.

Whether you are looking for your own adventure or would prefer to be sailed by a fabulous crew, a Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations Monohull is out there waiting to set sail.

Let us provide you with all your luxury charter yacht options, so you can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime!


Why Charter A Monohull?

yacht charters monohull

Search our comprehensive database to find the perfect monohull for your Charter Yacht holiday!

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